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High speed handpiece
 LED handpiece
 Optical handpiece
 3 way spray handpiece
 Color handpiece
 1 way spray handpiece
 Nature series
Low speed handpiece
 Inner channel
 Contra angle
 Straight head
 Air motors
 Complete set
Handpiece accessorie

 Curing light
 Teeth whitening machine
Apex locator&Pulp tester
 Endodontic treatment
 Implant system
 Obturation system
 Gutta cutter
 Alginate mixer
   Dental lamp
   Balance arm
   Film viewer
   Foot control
   Tube series
   Valve series
   Air compressor
   Plastic parts
   Chair and frame
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Add: BLDG 4, District A, Guangdong New Light Source Industrial Base,
South of Luocun Avenue,Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China
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TEL:+86-757-66692058 sales department:+86 757 66692050
FAX:86-757 81800058

SKYPE: ajian215t