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C-ROOT I+ Root Apex locators


Adaptor working voltage: 10O-240Vac, 50/6OHZ;

Battery:3.7V 1 8OOmAh changeable Li-ion battery

Display: color TFT-LCD touch screen

Display specifications:size:73.44x48.96mm(3.5inch)resolution:48Ox32O

Charge time: 3hours

Volume(cm): 16X14X6.5

Weight(kg)/PCS o.7

Packing material carton

QTY per master cartona 12 pc/ctn


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1.Simple and exquisite design

2.Multi-frequency technical, exact accurate

3.All touch TFTLCD

4.Simple operation interface, easy operation

5.Colorful screen, Be clear at a glance

6.Self calibration

7.Adjust screen luminance and alarm sound

8.Apex position can be adjusted

9.Test wire can be compatible with VDW* company

RAYPEX6 machine

Automatic CHECK procedure:results either in ERROR or OK response