Electric micromotor system
C-puma int+
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Name:Dental electrical motor

Order name:c-puma int+

1. Wide viewing angle color LCD screen;
2. Touch key control, easy to use;
3. Built-in, control panel can be easily installed at any angle
4. Pneumatic / manual start automatically switch;
5. built-in 7 program memory;
6. Custom the air pressure of starting motor;
7.LED lighting delay off time is adjustable.
8. Speed, steering can be adjusted;
9. The motor can be autoclaved;

Brushless micro electrical motor

Led light

Small and compact , with big torque

With colorful screen ,clear for viewing

Touch button , easy for operation.

Built in type which fixed in the working tray, save space.

Optional speed adjustment

Almighty Collocation Helps you easily solve all kinds of intraoral treatment or extraoral denture restoration, helping you to complete more than 90% of the work

Technical Parameters:
1. Input power: AC24V
2. 3.0-inch LCD screen resolution: 240 * 400
3. Maximum speed: 40000rpm
3. Maximum torque: more 
4. Motor diameter: 20.6mm
5. Suitable for contra angle and straight handpiece complying with ISO3964